Sunday, September 5, 2010

Go Hogs!!

The Kircher Crew broke out the Razorback gear Saturday for the first college game day! We had a great time cheering on the Hogs and hanging out with friends. Jackson had great team spirit and called the hogs ALL day, whew! The weather was perfect for the first game of the season. We are hoping to make it next week to the game in Little Rock! Woo Pigs!

Our sweet little cheerleader! I could just eat her up she looked so cute :)

Team spirit!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Moving time

A lot has been going on in the Kircher home. We have moved to the "country house" finally! It by no means is exactly the way we want it but it's a remodel and it will all come together in time. We will be able to spend more time on projects since we are out here. It definitely has taken some adjustment. Chandler hasn't missed a beat, Jackson and Anderson had a bit of a hard time but are doing much better and Patrick will be okay now since the cable was hooked up today. Once we get in a rhythm of things everyone will be fine.

One big thing that was accomplished since we moved in was the driveway- yes the house didn't have a driveway when we started but look at it now! The circle piece will have landscaping added.

We've also been doing a lot more of this....

And we've met a few new friends. They are regulars in our backyard. So beautiful....

Me Too

Chandler started school (mother's day out) last week! She thought she was big stuff with her backpack on like her brothers :) She wasn't the most cooperative that morning so it's the best picture I could get. She is getting so big...she will be two in a couple months! I wasn't able to take any pictures when I dropped her off because I had to peel her off my body while she cried but she was completely fine when I picked her up. This week she ran in class because they had a tea party set up- she thinks school is fabulous now!