Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Where have you been....

I'm not sure what all has been going on but I have been terrible about blogging! Busy goes into overdrive starting Halloween thru Christmas around our house with school, family and friends. Here are some pics though during my blogging absence :)

We've been cheering on the Hogs!!

Spending LOTS of time with friends

Just being sassy...

and celebrating Thanksgiving at school!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Fun!!

We had another great year trick or treating. Our friends met us at our "vacation home" a.k.a our house that STILL has not sold, and went trick or treating in our neighborhood. Jackson was Darth Vader, Anderson was Captain Hook, Chandler Tinkerbell , I was Peter Pan and Patrick dressed at Luke Skywalker. It was a family affair this Halloween! We were blessed with perfect weather too. Sooo much fun! I can't wait until next year!!!

Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker. Gotta give daddy props for dressing up.

Peter Pan and crew. Anderson told me about 50 times that Peter Pan was a boy. Apparently he wasn't digging my costume :)

Mommy and Tinkerbell. (this was the first and last time I wait to open a costume the day of Halloween...this was the most pitiful tinkerbell costume I've ever seen. She was cute anyway though :)

Our friend Paul was a ninja but kind of turned out a little taliban-ish, tee-hee! Love it!

Gina the beautiful butterfly and Scott the stinkbug. He is hilarious!!

Chandler and her buddy Emery

Chandler started off a little shy at first until she figured out what they were putting in her bucket. She was ALL for it after that!

Let the games begin....

The trick or treat posse

Tinkerbell in her forest

Oh these two little ones....they are going to give me and cynthia a run for our money. Two peas in a pod! Hilarious.

Daddies and their girls