Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Spirit

Oh how this makes me laugh! My children are going to have "santa" issues when they grow up:) Hope everyone is gearing up for the holidays. We love this time of year getting to spend time with all our family and of course, eating like crazy!

Happy holidays!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Where have you been....

I'm not sure what all has been going on but I have been terrible about blogging! Busy goes into overdrive starting Halloween thru Christmas around our house with school, family and friends. Here are some pics though during my blogging absence :)

We've been cheering on the Hogs!!

Spending LOTS of time with friends

Just being sassy...

and celebrating Thanksgiving at school!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Fun!!

We had another great year trick or treating. Our friends met us at our "vacation home" a.k.a our house that STILL has not sold, and went trick or treating in our neighborhood. Jackson was Darth Vader, Anderson was Captain Hook, Chandler Tinkerbell , I was Peter Pan and Patrick dressed at Luke Skywalker. It was a family affair this Halloween! We were blessed with perfect weather too. Sooo much fun! I can't wait until next year!!!

Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker. Gotta give daddy props for dressing up.

Peter Pan and crew. Anderson told me about 50 times that Peter Pan was a boy. Apparently he wasn't digging my costume :)

Mommy and Tinkerbell. (this was the first and last time I wait to open a costume the day of Halloween...this was the most pitiful tinkerbell costume I've ever seen. She was cute anyway though :)

Our friend Paul was a ninja but kind of turned out a little taliban-ish, tee-hee! Love it!

Gina the beautiful butterfly and Scott the stinkbug. He is hilarious!!

Chandler and her buddy Emery

Chandler started off a little shy at first until she figured out what they were putting in her bucket. She was ALL for it after that!

Let the games begin....

The trick or treat posse

Tinkerbell in her forest

Oh these two little ones....they are going to give me and cynthia a run for our money. Two peas in a pod! Hilarious.

Daddies and their girls

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Birthday Boy!

Jackson had a great time celebrating his 5th birthday this year! We had his party at the Museum of Discovery with a science wizard theme. I was a little nervous how it would turn out but it was really fun. The kids did a couple experiments and got to touch a snake!! Big fun for our big boy:)
Jackson picked out what kind of cake he wanted. Ms. Kathy did an awesome job!

Making some slime. Of course they all loved this:)

Mr. Rat Snake wishing Jackson a happy birthday, eeeeehhhhh!

Cake time!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

5 years ago...

Five years ago a gift was given from heaven above. A gift that I could never imagine would fill my heart with such an unconditional love. A precious baby boy who I prayed so hard for. I loved him more than words from the moment I knew we were expecting. How 5 years has flown by. I can remember the way I felt going to the hospital and the first time I laid eyes on you. Our sweet baby boy, Patrick Jackson Kircher, you are growing so fast and what an amazing boy you have become. I can't wait to see what God has in store for you life and so glad HE chose me to be your mommy!

Precious baby boy...didn't sleep much and cried a lot but I still loved him :)

First birthday!

Birthday #2!

Big 3 year old :)

4 years old!

I'm 5 today! So excited to be 5!
Loved his scientist lab coat.
He got a T-Rex dig site. So cool....

And of course, more science lab experiments.
You are such a funny little guy. You can't wait to be a scientist one day and in a rock band. I love your enthusiasm about everything in life! You still have the best laugh I've ever heard. You're so ready to be big and it makes my heart twinge a little knowing it's happening way too quickly. I'm so proud to be your mom! Happy birthday sweet boy :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Two years ago....

Two years ago today, my life was forever changed. A beautiful little girl came into this world and and stole my heart and many others.

Needless to say, I was more than a little nervous about how our quickly growing family was going to adjust but our sweet girl fit in perfectly :)

It's amazing to see God's plan work out even when at first we are confused why things are happening. God's timing and plans are always perfect.

I'm glad God's plans always work out because I couldn't have imagined life without you!

Chandler's first birthday- cupcakes on kavanaugh, mmmmm

Her first birthday party!!

Chandler's second birthday time flies!

cupcakes on the ridge this year on her birthday....still yummy.....

Chandler you are such a precious girl! You are such a fun loving sweet baby. I can't believe you're two. The last year has been so much fun watching you grow and become more of a toddler than baby. I love that you already have an opinon about your shoes and most of the time you like your hairbows. I'm amazed how smart you are. You absolutely adore your big brothers and they love you most of the time too :) Your favorite things in life right now are puppies, Dora and popsicles. I think it is absolutely fabulous you require everyone to wear a crown for your tea parties!! I'm looking forward to seeing all the changes the next year will bring but hope it goes by a little slower. We love you so much sweet baby Chandler Caroline. Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Birthday Baby!

We celebrated Chandler's SECOND birthday party this weekend! How can that be!! She had a cheerleader/Razorback theme party at Larry's pizza (our second home). I wasn't so sure about this idea but it ended up great. The kids had a blast playing games and parents enjoyed pizza and football on the big screen. Chandler was a little overwhelmed at first but settled down once pizza and cake started getting served :) It was a wonderful day and we are so, so blessed to have shared it with such great friends and family! Thanks guys!

Go team!!

Ace and Savannah.... I totally see future homecoming picture :)

Playing games

Chan wasn't so sure about blowing out the candles so her best buddy Emery helped.

Daddy's girl

Back for seconds but couldn't find a fork so a candle had to do!

Sweet Anderson

Jack man

Our birthday girl!!!