Thursday, October 29, 2009


This topic has been on my mind a lot lately...identity. In one of our first small group meetings at church our leaders asked if we have a family identity. Most of us had very similar things we felt that our family identity was. From then on I've been thinking about my individual identity and trying to define what it was. For the past 4 years I've been pregnant or just had a baby so the "old" me was very hard to remember. When I would think about who I was, what is my identity, I would come up with I'm a mom. For some reason I kept thinking that I need to be so much more than "just" that. I know I have many more layers than I give myself credit but I am a mother just as God created me to be. It is the most important thing I could be and I'm so proud that I have 3 beautiful children who do call me mommy. I embrace my mommy identity and I'm grateful that God has chosen and trusted me and Patrick with His beautiful children!

Anderson loves nothing more than to be outside!

Jackson the funny man.

Our sweet baby Chandler. She's sooo smoochable :)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Season of laughter....

One thing I can say about my family is that we certainly have been blessed with the gift of laughter. If you know me very well you have heard me refer to the "season of life" we are in...often. Now I know why when I ask my mom things about when we were little and she can't remember it's because she blocked it out! This season of my life is hard, I'm not going to lie, it's tough. I've never been so tired emotionally, physically or mentally in my entire life. But I know for certain that when I look back I will remember how much I laughed in the midst of it all.

There are many times I am so frustrated with a situation but I know in the back of my mind that I am always going to remember these times and I hope and pray we will sit around my dinner table and laugh until we cry just like me and my brother do at my mom's house.

Just for example, I always come up with what I think will be fun, traditional things to do with the kids like carving pumpkins. So I buy this cute little carving kit from Target bring it home tell the kids all about it and everyone's pumped for Kircher family pumpkin carving!! Woo-hoo this will be fun...not so much. First off, my boys won't even attempt to gut the pumpkins. In Jackson's own words "that's okay mommy you can have my pumpkin." Then we break out the stencil and we can barely figure out how to tape the things on the pumpkins!!! Geez! Anyway, we finally got the pumpkins carved. I'm sure my kids probably won't remember our first pumpkin carving but they will some day (oh yes, we will continue to do it). I just hope they will look back and laugh as much as I did!!
They did not want any part of cleaning out the pumpkins.

Guess who got to do it....

Can't you tell how excited Patrick is about my idea, tee-hee!

Not too bad for our first pumpkins! Patrick and Jackson did this one.

Ace and I carved this one.

Here's to the first annual Kircher family pumpkin carving. WOO-HOO!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Perfect day for the Pumpkin Patch

We had the best day Tuesday at the pumpkin patch! It was the first time we've been to this pumpkin patch and they had the neatest stuff. There was all kinds of animals for the kids to see, a huge playground, a hayride and of course tons of pumpkins!! We could not have had better weather too. The best part was our friends we were able to go with! Another great pumpkin patch season :)

Picking the perfect pumpkin

Pumpkin Patch Posse!

She's as big as a pumpkin :)
My triple threat...
Ace LOVES being outside. He is a country boy at heart!
Miss Chandler and her first pumpkin.

The 3 amigos!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Jackson is 4!

How can it be possible that my little boy is already 4?!?! He is getting too big too fast. Four is such a big boy age! I remember everything from the day he was born so vividly. The one thing that I will never forget about that day is the overwhelming love I immediately felt for him and the natural "mother bear" instinct to protect him. Jackson has been such a joy to us and has definitely made our lives interesting :) I can't wait to see what adventures God has in store for him!!
Jackson loves to roast marshmallows in our fire pit.

He is into baseball now much to his daddy's delight!

If you would have known me 4 years ago I PROMISE you would have never, ever thought this would have happened. Jackson LOVES to ride this little 4 wheeler at his grandparents' house and he is a really good driver.

He was giggling when I took this picture. Jackson has the greatest laugh I've ever heard!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Special day for a special girl!

Saturday was the big 1 year birthday party for Chandler. We celebrated with a lollipop theme. It was so much fun having everyone over to share this day with us. Chandler had the best time surrounded by those who love her. We are so truly blessed to have such wonderful friends and family that made her day so special !

The cake was cute AND good. Best kind!

Party favors

I decorated the walk way with giant lollipops. Chandler loved them!

Happy birthday !!!

She wasn't sure if she should grab the candle or not.

She didn't waste any time diving in her cake.

Needless to say, she enjoyed this part A LOT.

She got a ton of wonderful gifts but the best gifts were the people who came to celebrate her day! We love you guys :)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Reflection of the past year

What an unexpected surprise you were little girl. We were shocked to be expecting again but the most shocking was that we would be welcoming a baby girl into our family. My heart burst with excitement! I couldn't wait to start planning for you. I immediately left my sonogram and bought something pink. Just on the off chance we might be having a girl I had a name somewhat ready. I wanted you to have a name that was different, classy and somewhat traditional. Not everyone was a fan of it but they were very excited about you! Once you came everyone fell in love with you. You always have a smile to share which makes people's day! I love when you see someone and stick your chubby little hand out to give them love. Everyone delights in your sweet spirit Chandler. I pray you carry this on in your life and use it for great things. I know God has wonderful things planned out for you! You have filled our lives and those around you with such love. You are already an amazing little girl.

Here are some memories from your first year....

Welcome to the world Chandler Caroline....

1 month old

First Christmas

First Valentine's Day

First Easter

Dedication Sunday

First time at the pool

First Fourth of July!!

First time at the beach

You smiled the 1st time when you were 7 weeks old
You slept thru the night... your still hit or miss on this one sister
Your first word was dada at 7 months and was shortly followed with mama at 8 months
You started eating some table food around 9 months
You took your first steps at 11 months
At 1 you can walk everywhere, even climb the stairs! You can say daddy, mama, nana, rocco (cocko), jack, sissy, byebye, cracker and cookie. You love to sing, especially songs with hand motions. And you are a total momma's girl which I love! Here's to your first year baby girl!!!

Chandler is 1 today!

I cannot believe our sweet baby girl is one today! Time flies by so fast it seems. I can remember everything from the day she was born like it was yesterday. Chandler was the most wonderful unexpected blessing! I definitely was shocked when we found out that I was pregnant with her and a bit terrified that I would soon be a mother of 3 kids three and under. Our precious little girl completed our family though. Her sweet spirit and loving little heart will make you melt. I know God has an amazing life planned out for her and I thank Him everyday that He chose and trusted us to be a part of that. Happy birthday Chandler Caroline! You are the best gift we could have ever asked for!!

Chandler had a fun, rainy birthday today but she still enjoyed it. I think she had more sugar intake today than in her whole 1 year of life....

Enjoying a birthday cupcake.

My crew! How I love these guys:)

Birthday cinnamon stick at Larry's Pizza for dinner. She is really excited about more sugar!

I think she likes it....

She has this big guy soooo wrapped around her finger

What a blessing she is to me! I love you my sweet girl!