Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Reflection of the past year

What an unexpected surprise you were little girl. We were shocked to be expecting again but the most shocking was that we would be welcoming a baby girl into our family. My heart burst with excitement! I couldn't wait to start planning for you. I immediately left my sonogram and bought something pink. Just on the off chance we might be having a girl I had a name somewhat ready. I wanted you to have a name that was different, classy and somewhat traditional. Not everyone was a fan of it but they were very excited about you! Once you came everyone fell in love with you. You always have a smile to share which makes people's day! I love when you see someone and stick your chubby little hand out to give them love. Everyone delights in your sweet spirit Chandler. I pray you carry this on in your life and use it for great things. I know God has wonderful things planned out for you! You have filled our lives and those around you with such love. You are already an amazing little girl.

Here are some memories from your first year....

Welcome to the world Chandler Caroline....

1 month old

First Christmas

First Valentine's Day

First Easter

Dedication Sunday

First time at the pool

First Fourth of July!!

First time at the beach

You smiled the 1st time when you were 7 weeks old
You slept thru the night... your still hit or miss on this one sister
Your first word was dada at 7 months and was shortly followed with mama at 8 months
You started eating some table food around 9 months
You took your first steps at 11 months
At 1 you can walk everywhere, even climb the stairs! You can say daddy, mama, nana, rocco (cocko), jack, sissy, byebye, cracker and cookie. You love to sing, especially songs with hand motions. And you are a total momma's girl which I love! Here's to your first year baby girl!!!

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