Sunday, January 31, 2010

Winter Time!

Well we finally got some winter weather in our neighborhood and the boys were pumped! We ate breakfast Saturday morning and then bundled up for some fun in the snow/ice. We started with a box to go sledding and then our neighbors brought out their sleds. We stayed out for hours sledding, making snow angels and (mini) snowballs. Almost all the snow has melted today but he had fun while it lasted!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

A mother's love....

It has been one of those weeks, whew! It ALWAYS seems that when Patrick goes out of town things go crazy and boy has it this week. Patrick left Saturday for his national sales meeting in Boca Raton, Florida (no, I'm not bitter). We wake up Sunday and me and the kiddos head to church then lunch and naps. Anderson woke up from his nap with a temp then had diarhea for the next 5 days. I ended up taking Jackson to the doctor Tuesday (he had a meltdown from the time we left the house until we got home, ugh) and found out he has a double ear infection and now Chandler and I have colds. Oh and to boot my computer has a virus!!! WoW!

Thankfully my sweet, sweet mother came to help Sunday and bless her heart stayed with us all week! I have no idea what I would have done without her! She has helped me clean, do laundry, dishes and wrestle kids all day and even helped me organize my closet - which was not an easy task! She is so amazing and I am so blessed and appreciative to have her. She may not come back for a looong while (I wouldn't blame her) but what a trooper she has been to deal with all our craziness! Only a mom's love, huh???

Thanks mom, you're the best and we love you soooo much!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Big Girl!

Guess who started school today?? Well, mother's day out but still it's a big day! Little miss Chandler went to school with the boys this morning and LOVED it! She walked in just as pretty as you please and started playing. I said "bye sweet girl" and she turned and waved. Well, okay miss independent (who would've guessed that?!?!) Her teachers said she did great and was even giving hugs to the little ones who did cry. She is such a sweet, sweet girl and we are so proud she had such a great first day!

Already reading after one day...SHE'S A GENIUS! tee-hee....

Girl has her bag ready to go..

Hmmm...I think we need a smaller bag:)

So excited!

Precious baby! How can she already be 15 months!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Parenting 101

When I was thinking about updating my blog today I was going to write all about the discouraging week I had. I was going to put things in it about how parenting was just hard and no one really tells you to the fullest extent how hard it is. And as we all know, if you're a parent, it is hard but it is the most wonderful gift we could be given. I have been a bit dicouraged this week and feeling that I'm not doing the best job and my kids have been unruly to say the least. I've been very prayerful and asking God to speak to my heart and fill me with encouragement this week. And as HE said, ask and you will receive....I did. I came home from church after lunch where we again had some behavior issues and opened an email with the following story:

At a fund raising dinner for a school that serves learning-disabled children, the father of one of the students delivered a speech that would never be forgotten. After extolling the school and its dedicated staff, he offered a question:"when not interfered with by outside influences, everything nature does is done with perfection. Yet my son, Shay, canot learn things as other children do, he cannot understand things as other children do; where is the natural order of things in my son?" The audience was stilled by the query.

The father continued. "I believe that when a child like Shay, physically and mentally handicapped comes into the world, an opportunity to realize true human nature presents itself, and it comes in the way other people treat that child..." then he told the following story.

Shay and his father had walked past a park where some boys Shay knew where playing baseball. Shay asked "do you think they'll let me play?" Shay's father knew that most of the boys would not want someone like Shay on their team, but the father also understood that if his son were allowed to play, it would give him a much-needed sense of belonging and some confidence to be accepted by other in spite of his handicaps.

Shay's father approached one of the boys on the field and asked (not expecting much) if Shay could play. The boy looked around for guidance and said "we're losing by six runs and the game is in the 8th inning. I guess he can be on our team and we'll try to put him in to bat in the 9th inning." Shay struggled over to the team's bench and with a broad smile put on a team shirt. His father watched with a small tear in his eye and warmth in his heart. The boys saw the father's joy at his son being accepted.

In the bottom of the 8th inning, Shay's team scored a few runs but was still behind by three. In the top of the 9th inning, Shay put on a glove and played in right field. Even though no hits came his way, he was obviously ecstatic just to be in the game, grinning ear to ear as his father waved to him from the stands. In the bottom of the 9th inning, Shay's team scored again. Now, with two outs and the bases loaded, the potential winning run was on base and Shay was scheduled to bat next.

At this juncture, do they let Shay bat and give away their chance to win the game? Surprisingly, Shay was given the bat. Everyone knew that a hit was all but impossible bc Shay didn't even know how to hold the bat properly, much less connect with the ball. However, as Shay stepped to the plate, the pitcher, recognizing that the other team as putting winning aside for this moment in Shay's life, moved in a few steps to lob the ball in softly so Shay could at least make contact. The first pitch came and Shay swung clumsily and missed. The pitcher again took a few steps forward to toss the ball softly towards Shay. As the pitch came in, Shay swung at the ball and hit a slow ground ball to the pitcher.

The game would now be over. The pitcher picked up the soft grounder and could have easily thrown the ball to the first basemen. Shay would have been out and that would have been the end of the game. Instead, the pitcher threw the ball right over the first baseman's head, out of reach of all teammates. Everyone from the stands and both teams started yelling, Shay, run to first! Never in his life had Shay run that far, but he made it to first base. He scampered down the baseline, wide eyed and startled. Everyone yelled "run to second, run to second!" Catching his breath, Shay awkardly ran towards second, gleaming and struggling to make it to the base. By the time Shay rounded second base, the right fielder had the ball...the smallest guy on their team now had his chance to be the hero for his team. He could have thrown the ball for the tag, but understood the pitcher's intentions so he, too, intentionally threw the ball high and far over the third baseman's head. Shay ran toward third base deliriously as the runners ahead of him circled the bases toward home.

All were screaming, "Shay, Shay, all the way Shay." Shay reached third base bc the opposing shortstop ran to help him by turning him in the right direction and shouted "run to third!" As Shay rounded third, the boys from both teams, and the spectators, were on their feet screaming"Shay, run home, run home!" Shay ran home, stepped on the plate and was cheered as the hero who hit the grand slam and won the game for his team.

"That day," said the father softly with tears now rolling down his face, "the boys from both teams helped bring a piece of true love and humanity to this world."

Shay didn't make it to another summer. He died that winter, having never forgotten being the hero and making his father so happy, and coming home and seeing his mother tearfully embrace her little hero of the day!

Needless to say, I certainly didn't feel the need to share my so-called "hard" week anymore. I am immensely blessed with 3 beautiful, healthy children and know if I seek God's help with my parenting struggles I cannot fail. I pray that I can teach my children to be the type of person to make someone feel like a hero for a day!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas Vacation

Patrick and I were so lucky to get to take a vacation together this year. We left for Vancouver and Whistler, Canada the day after Christmas for some skiing and fun with friends! We had an incredible time needless to say. We spent most of our vacation in Whistler which was AMAZING! It is like being in a snow globe as my friend described it. The first day as we rode up the gondola to ski, the hymn "our God is an awesome God" kept ringing in my ears. We definitely experienced some of God's awesomeness and beauty surrounded by snow and moutains. We had a blast shopping, eating, skiing and catching up with our friends, Rick and Shannon, who we don't get to see nearly enough. I have to admit though, Patrick and our friends enjoyed skiing and snowboarding much more than I did. The last time I skied was about 4 years and 3 babies ago so I did terribly, ughhhh! I was embarrassed for me if that tells you how bad it was. We had a wonderful time and hope to do it again soon!!

Our friends Rick and Shannon

Me and the hubby

Patrick in the Olympic store. Maybe there is a new sport in his future :)

It looks like a postcard everywhere you look

On top of Blackcomb Mtn.

Walking around Whistler Village. It is such a cute place!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Kircher Christmas

We had a wonderful Christmas with our family this year. Jackson has definitely hit that age where he is about to pop waiting for Christmas morning and then as soon as his little eyes crack open he is running to the Christmas tree! Anderson was excited but still a little young to understand completely and Chandler was bright eyed taking it all in.

We normally stay at home Christmas morning and then visit family after we open gifts from Santa but this year we went to my mom and dad's house. Patrick and I left for vacation the next night so we had to alter plans. We still made our cookies for Santa on Christmas eve which is so much fun. The boys love that they get to make them all by themselves no matter how big a mess :) This is a family event so even pawpa got in on the action.

Cookies for Santa
Chandler's first year making cookies
The boys LOVE doing this

I think we did a great job!

Jackson is still half asleep :)

Not sure what's going on but she likes her baby!

Anderson wasn't quite awake, teehee

The Christmas it!