Sunday, January 3, 2010

Kircher Christmas

We had a wonderful Christmas with our family this year. Jackson has definitely hit that age where he is about to pop waiting for Christmas morning and then as soon as his little eyes crack open he is running to the Christmas tree! Anderson was excited but still a little young to understand completely and Chandler was bright eyed taking it all in.

We normally stay at home Christmas morning and then visit family after we open gifts from Santa but this year we went to my mom and dad's house. Patrick and I left for vacation the next night so we had to alter plans. We still made our cookies for Santa on Christmas eve which is so much fun. The boys love that they get to make them all by themselves no matter how big a mess :) This is a family event so even pawpa got in on the action.

Cookies for Santa
Chandler's first year making cookies
The boys LOVE doing this

I think we did a great job!

Jackson is still half asleep :)

Not sure what's going on but she likes her baby!

Anderson wasn't quite awake, teehee

The Christmas it!

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