Thursday, January 14, 2010

Big Girl!

Guess who started school today?? Well, mother's day out but still it's a big day! Little miss Chandler went to school with the boys this morning and LOVED it! She walked in just as pretty as you please and started playing. I said "bye sweet girl" and she turned and waved. Well, okay miss independent (who would've guessed that?!?!) Her teachers said she did great and was even giving hugs to the little ones who did cry. She is such a sweet, sweet girl and we are so proud she had such a great first day!

Already reading after one day...SHE'S A GENIUS! tee-hee....

Girl has her bag ready to go..

Hmmm...I think we need a smaller bag:)

So excited!

Precious baby! How can she already be 15 months!!

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