Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Moving slowly....

I've been asked and emailed about the progress of the house we are remodeling..one word- slowly! Anyone who knows me well knows I love a project. Well, I've hit the project jackpot, whew! We have finished painting all but the entry and living room ceiling- hallelujah!! Painting has been our number one thing to cross of the list. Our next projects will be installing carpet, ripping out the master shower, re-tiling pretty much everything with tile, and on and on and on :) A lot of our friends still think we are crazy and there are many nights Patrick and I think we are reliving the movie "The Money Pit" but I'm still excited about moving out there....which may come sooner than later!

We still haven't sold the house we are in now but are considering listing it with a realtor. If we decide to go the realtor route we will go ahead and move and leave enough furniture to keep the house staged for viewing. Crazy as always for the Kircher Crew :) I just keep in mind who and why it's all worth it.....

Oh how I love these guys!!!

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