Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Party time....

October has been a fun and busy month at the Kircher home. We celebrated Jackson's 6th birthday and Chandler's 3rd birthday! It's funny to think Chandler is the same age now as Jackson was when she was born (was that ever a busy week, wow.) They both had great parties surrounded by friends and family.

This was us just 3 years ago....
Newborn, 19 month old and a one a week shy of 3. Crazy, huh :)

Doesn't Jack look so little....can't believe he is six now!

Race car theme... such a cool cake. Thanks again Mrs. Kathy!

He was sooo excited about his 3D DS!

Sweet fairy party for Chandler..Mrs. Kathy stays busy with us in October :)

She loved the Wonderplace!

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