Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween!

We had another great Halloween this year! We had a smaller version of our annual Halloween party and it turned out perfect. The kids had so much fun and were definitely in the trick or treating spirit. Since our kids are so young we ended up going early and getting back about the time it got dark. We came back and ate and passed out candy to TONS of kids. I actually had to start taking candy from my own kids' bucket! The funniest thing was Anderson that night. He totally was feeling his costume which was a fighter pilot (Maverick from Top Gun). He turned into quite the ladies man Halloween night. He was hysterical and looked too stinking cute too:)
Army commander...Jackson is now old enough to pick out what he wants to be (needless to say). He LOVED the costume and the muscles on it. Ace man, a.k.a. Maverick. Everytime I looked at him I would laugh because he looked so cute.

The sweetest, cutest witch ever! Chandler was rocking the princess witch costume. Gotta love the little hat.

Our trick or treating crew this year.

Anderson holding Hannah's hand. After she left he was looking for her and asked me where his princess girl went. Hilarious!

Candy action....

The girls even got into the trick or treating spirit!

Ace man on the prowl again.....oh dear.....

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