Thursday, February 4, 2010

All in a day....

One thing I can say about our kiddos is that they are full of personality! Even in the middle of our craziness I can count on someone to say or do something comical. Today Jackson informed me of his plan to grow up to be Batman but only at night and I would have to come with him but during the day he would be a scuba diver. Alrighty. Anderson had a doctor's appointment this morning and when the doctor gave him the all clear he gave our doctor a sideways smile and thumbs up. Not kidding. And on our way home from school I was handing french fries to the kids in the back but couldn't get them past Chandler to hand to the boys because she was snatching them too fast! Hilarious!!

They are amazing and the funniest little people ever:) I'm so glad they are a part of my life!!!!

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