Tuesday, February 16, 2010


That's what we have been doing around the Kircher house...juggling life and it's been busy. We have had snow days from school, get togethers with friends and going to see family. Busy, busy!

The kids loved the snow but I forgot how long it takes to get all those snow clothes on and off, whew! It was worth it though because we had a blast playing and Jackson LOVED when I told him he didn't have to go to school :) Also during the snow days we got to hang out with friends and just enjoy chatting and letting the kiddos play without being rushed to go somewhere. It was sooo nice. And of course we ended the snow fun at my mom and dad's house riding 4-wheelers (well jumping snow hills and making doughnuts) in the snow! It's been fun but I'm glad we are back in our routine this week!!

(I'm not sure what's going on with the order of these pics, oh well!)

Chandler's first hairbow that is actually in her hair...it was a stretch to get it in there. Hopefully her hair will come in soon!

Chandler's Valentine's outfit
and our little country boy Anderson :)

Loving the snow!!
My sweeties on Valentine's Day!

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