Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring Break fun!

We didn't take a big trip for spring break but the kids still had a great week! We headed to my mom and dad's for some recreation and renovation :) The kids played their little hearts out while we were there. They rode 4-wheelers, tractors, scooters and even a horse! We also went to the city park where I played when I was little but it is much bigger and nicer now. The boys were worn out every night from playing so was awesome, tee-hee.

During the week I painted some rooms in my parent's house. It turned out fabulous! They loved the results and we plan on painting their kitchen when we go back. (I was worn out from painting!!)

All aboard!
This is the same train car I played on when I was little. It was funny seeing the boys playing there and brought back a lot of memories!

Miss priss on the playground. She climbed around on everything.

Jackson just hanging out.

Ace climbing on the spider-man jungle.

Giddee-up! Jackson wants to be a cowboy now. He fell off when the horse he was riding lost it's footing (it was really muddy that morning). He popped right up and got back on. He was so brave!

This is as close to the horse as Chandler got. I tried to take her to see it and she tucked into her daddy and told me "no puppy." She is too funny!

Anderson rode for a few minutes. He wasn't too crazy about it. I think he'll just stick with riding the wheeler :)

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