Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Time Sports

We have started spring off with a bang already in the Kircher house. The boys started swim lessons and LOVE it! Jackson actually began last term and has done amazing. He is just a little fish. Anderson had his first lesson and also did great. He was pumped to get in the water then was a little iffy once he figured out it wasn't just play time. By the time summer rolls around they will be ready for the lake and pool!!

So excited!
Hmmm...not sure now that he has to do a little work.... :)

Jack is a really good swimmer!

He swam to the other side of the pool!

Jackson has also started spring soccer. He is on a new team this year and is still in the learning phase a bit. Last year the team he was on really didn't play but focused on "skills." This year they play a game the whole time. It has been the funniest thing to watch him playing an actual game. He also doesn't have any problem letting the coach know his legs are tired and to even run by to make sure I'm taking pictures of him!! It's hilarious (not so much to daddy though, tee-hee).

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