Sunday, May 30, 2010

Making progress

We have been making some progress on the new house!! It has been a LOT of hard work but it will definitely be worth it. The kids absolutely love running free outside. My mom and dad were a huge help this week on our progress. They kept my kiddos for a couple nights earlier in the week and then came down with some equipment for some major outside work. It has been a few long, hot days but we are very pleased at the results so far.

This is all the stuff we had to haul off. Thank goodness my dad had a skidloader to help with this project, uugghhh!

Patrick cut down a lot of shrubs and trees. I think he enjoyed the manual labor, teehee.

Hauling off the trees.

I think my brain was fried by Saturday so I forgot to take a picture of all our hard work. Ill have some soon:)

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