Tuesday, June 8, 2010

what's normal?

My family wouldn't know what normal is. We aren't a 9-5 family, the familiar to us is the unfamiliar, we don't just roll with the punches we shimmy, jump and hurdle. That's who we are. And normal in this season of our life isn't anywhere to be found!

For example, we are the proud new owners of this---

no, I'm not kidding. It's a bulldozer and I choose to call it Jeb. I felt it needed a name because I was so shocked and less than thrilled we purchased it. We have a lot of dirt work around the house so we will use it then sell it...hopefully sooner than later. Anderson couldn't possibly be more thrilled.

But in the midst of the constant work and chaos we still have time to play...

like sweet little boys pretending to be daddies and grandpas....

or a precious little girl twirling in the sprinkler....
Nope, we aren't normal and I'm certain people think we are crazy right now for what we are undertaking. It's a challenge but it will all be worth it...craziness and all :)

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