Monday, December 7, 2009

Boo-boo Baby

Poor baby Chandler had to go to the ER last Monday. She fell and hit her head on a table and cut her eye open. She didn't have to have stitches, just glue. She was such a great baby during it all too. She is fine and her eye couldn't look better. She was able to get tons of spoiling this week with her Mamie and Pawpa down for a couple days and then all weekend from mommy and daddy while the boys were gone to my parents. Patrick took us girls out both Friday and Saturday on a date so we enjoyed some special time together! She looked so cute in her hat Saturday night I couldn't help but take tons of pictures!! (and yes, she kept the hat on the whole time)

She loves her daddy!
This picture was kind of dark but she just looked cute anyway!

She is such a sweet girl!

Loving the Christmas sucker :)

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