Friday, January 14, 2011

Challenges & Changes

We've started 2011 off with a BANG by selling our home and going back to being a family with only one mortgage, yahoo! So, now we are working on other challenges and changes....I just can't relax obviously, :)

One change is Chandler moving into at toddler bed! I'm really not a fan of toddler beds, but I bought the conversion kit when I ordered the crib (5 years ago) and never had a chance to use it. It converted into a pretty cute bed though so I was pleased. I was pretty certain this change was going to cause some challenges but my sweet girl has surprised me! She has adjusted just fine. I will admit it was a little emotional taking my last crib apart :(

The next challenge is mainly for me but also incorporates the family a bit. The dreaded, dreaded word- DIET! AGGGH. I hate dieting. Hate. It. Unfortunately, I've done it to myself and now I have 20 pounds to lose. No joke, 20. I cannot believe I've done this to myself but I will dig myself out!!! I've become completely undisciplined with my eating habits and exercise regimen. Complete laziness. But that all is changing :)

This is what fills my fridge now. It's much easier for me to have everything accessible quickly. As soon as I unload groceries I wash all the fruits and veggies so I can just grab them.
This is also my new friend. I've never had a food scale but at least now I can regulate my portion sizes which, obviously, I have not been doing!

My other challenge is getting the family to eat healthier and boy has this been a challenge, whoa. I have picky eaters. I have no idea how that happen because my husband and I LOVE to eat. It's a challenge I'm willing to take on and will win (to my children's dismay, tee-hee).

Who knew a green bean could cause so much emotion, tee-hee!

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  1. I LOVE Chandler's room! I haven't ever used the toddler bed conversion either - it seems like I always need a crib (or two). I am thinking I may use it for Caroline. The video is absolutely hilarious - I even had to show it to Ben.