Monday, January 3, 2011

Holly, Jolly Christmas!

We had a wonderful Christmas holiday this year! We were so blessed to spend a lot of time with friends and family. It was busy but we enjoyed it :)

We started the festivities off on the 23rd with with a birthday party for Jesus. It was another great way to reinforce with our kids the true reason for Christmas. We also had the kids pick out some toys to donate to children less fortunate.

We had a cake for the party!

Chandler didn't see any reason to use a fork. We may need to get our Miss Manners book out very early with her!

She is a mess!

On Christmas eve we let the kids open gifts from me and Patrick. I love having this time with just our little family:)
Chandler wasn't sure what was going on at first...

The boys on the otherhand couldn't wait!

Jackson was so excited to get a Bigfoot. He has been asking for one since October!

I love family traditions and one of ours is making cookies for Santa on Christmas eve night. I let the kids do everything from start to finish since "Santa" will be the only one eating them:)
Jack loves to make cookies!

Anderson and Chandler were more interested in eating the dough!! Imagine that.

Jackson decorated the cookies by himself this year. Ace and Chan were only interested in the eating part:) He did a great job!

Funny guy!

I was so afraid we would be getting up at 5 a.m. this year because the boys were sooo excited. Nope, I had to WAKE them up at 8:15! Are you kidding me! It didn't take them long to jump out of bed though. I love seeing the excitement on their sweet, sleepy faces on Christmas morning:)

Bed head Chandler....she loved her kitchen:) what a big girl already!

One of my favorite things about Jackson is how excited he gets about things. It makes things so much fun. Precious!

My slow but sure guy...Anderson's not in a big hurry about much :)

Santa's set up the night before :) I LOVE setting up their gifts Christmas eve night!

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