Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Helloooo 2011

I have never in my life been more excited to see in a New Year! 2010 was full of many challenges but just as many blessings. Patrick and I stepped out of our comfort zone this year and embarked on a new challenging adventure and purchased a "fixer upper" out in the country.

Little did we know it would be the HOTTEST summer in about 20 years when we started. We have talked and talked about moving out to a place with a little land so our kids could go outside and play. Patrick actually looked at this house without me one day and nixed the idea. He was sure I wouldn't want to undertake a project like this:) Project? Did someone say PROJECT?!?! Most of you know, I L-O-V-E projects! He assured me though this would be a doozie...and he was right! After church the following Sunday he asked me if I wanted to just go look at it since we were in that area. Little did he know when we pulled up that he would be calling the realtor with an offer. I fell in love. The land, the house, the sweet little community with only has 8 other homes. My heart was there immediately even before I could go inside the house.

The door was locked and the realtor couldn't come out so what does any girl do dressed in her Sunday best and favorite animal print wedges?? She finds an unlocked window, scales the wall and hops right in of course! Patrick was right, the house was in desperate shape. It had been neglected and beat up. It made me love it more. I knew we could make it great and we slowly but surely have!

just have to add the finishing touches on this :)

So, I traded in these ....

FOR THIS......

We have pulled up stinky, nasty carpet, painted (and repainted) until our arms almost fell off, cleaned, scrubbed, disinfected so many times we should have opened our own chemical company, hauled off two tons of junk left in the home, did major dirt work, which Patrick learned to operate a back hoe, I blew a hole in my foot with powerwasher and burnt my arm on the same powerwasher, geez- don't ask, had a few kids fall in paint....and that is just a little slice of what we have been doing.

During all this we had our other house up for sale. We thought it would be a quick sale because of the location and it was a custom built home in a great neighborhood. Not so much. It sat on the market the whole summer and into the fall and beginning of winter. Two mortgages, home renovation, 3 kids and just daily life can create a little stress to say the least. This was a big time of growth for me.

In the moments I was overwhelmed with anxiety I learned to pray- immediately. In that very moment, at that exact time, I would stop and pray as GOD tells us too. HE always calmed my fears and anxiety. HE reminded me that we will always be taken care of no matter what. HE will never let us walk alone through anything big or small. A friend of mineshared with me something she hd heard "GOD is always on time but rarely early." So much truth in that statement. And as always HIS timing is flawless. As of New Year's day WE SOLD OUR HOUSE! What an amazing way to start the New Year! We are scheduled to close January 31st- God willing everything goes as planned. :)

I've also learned that making our house a "home" isn't making it perfectly clean, decorated or picked up, etc. it's the relationships and memories that are built and made inside. We have made so many memories already and have been able to share our adventure with so many of our friends! I love that our friends and their kids enjoy coming over and feel at home when they are here.
So, goodbye 2010. You've brought many blessings and challenges with you this year but I'm not sad to see you go:) We are ready to start a new chapter and can't wait to see what 2011 has in store!


  1. awwwww....I have tears in my eyes! I am so glad that things have FINALLY fallen into place. I have admired you for being so strong and trusting GOD in all of this. You are awesome and have been a great example during this stressful time. Love you and miss you! xoxo

  2. We've already made a ton of memories there and it's because you are that REAL friend who will take us in whenever! Love you...and your hard work has paid off!

  3. Thanks girls! I love ya'll too and looking forward to soo many more memories!